Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guard killed in Washington Holocaust museum attack

WASHINGTON (AFP) — An elderly white supremacist with a history of anti-Semitic tirades has opened fire inside the national Holocaust Memorial Museum, fatally wounding a security guard before being shot by return fire.

Panicked tourists scattered, ducked and took cover as the shots rang out in the museum entrance shortly after noon in the heart of the US capital, not far from the White House.

The gunman was identified as 88-year-old James von Brunn, a Maryland resident who has served time in prison for taking a gun into the Federal Reserve, in an apparently botched anti-Semitic attack, a federal law enforcement official told AFP.

"It appears to be a lone gunman who entered into the museum and opened fire with what appears to be a rifle at this point," Police Chief Cathy Lanier said.

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