Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Capital gains: Washington back in the headlines

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – Welcome back, Washington. It has been awhile.

Until the financial crisis and bailout pushed their way into the headlines in the fall, the nation's capital was anything but a treasured dateline. The real domestic stories were out on the campaign trail, in Iowa and New Hampshire; at the gasoline pumps, where prices reached nearly $5 a gallon; and even in a tiny town way up north called Wasilla, Alaska.

A year ago, not much from Washington was getting on the air, neither from the White House nor from Congress did. It seemed as if tumbleweeds might soon be blowing down Pennsylvania Avenue.

It took a historic election and an equally historic near-collapse of the financial system, but now Washington is back.

"Washington is the center of the universe now," says Chuck Todd, NBC News' recently appointed chief White House correspondent. "The story of 2009 will take place in Washington."

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