Monday, December 1, 2008

India says all Mumbai attackers from Pakistan

MUMBAI (AFP) — The Mumbai attackers were all from Pakistan, India's deputy interior minister said on Monday, as more top political heads rolled over last week's carnage which left more than 170 dead.

With US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice due in India on Wednesday in a show of "solidarity," the comments from Deputy Home Minister Shakeel Ahmad were the strongest yet pointing a finger of blame across the border.

India and Pakistan, both armed with nuclear weapons, have fought three wars and nearly came to a fourth over a previous attack on Indian soil, and there have been fears the latest bloodshed could deepen tensions between them.

"We are not saying that it is sponsored by the Pakistan government," India's Deputy Home Minister Shakeel Ahmad told the BBC, adding that Pakistan i soil was nevertheless being used for "anti-India" activities.

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