Friday, November 14, 2008

Rae to focus on economy in battle with Ignatieff

OTTAWA — Bob Rae's strategy to win the Liberal leadership is to focus on the economy and avoid being defined by the Harper Tories as a weak economic leader, his advisers say.

As he begins his campaign to succeed Stéphane Dion, the 60-year-old Toronto Centre MP believes he is evenly matched with his main opponent and former university roommate, Michael Ignatieff, one of his key strategists said Thursday.

“Bob doesn't feel overmatched,” said the strategist, who asked not to be identified.

Instead, Mr. Rae is concentrating on the Conservatives: “Bob Rae has got to show that he is going to be able to hack what the Tory war room throws at him on the economy,” the strategist said. “Is this guy going to have done to him on his economic legacy in Ontario the same number done to Dion on [the environment and leadership]?”

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