Saturday, October 25, 2008

Liv Tyler's Son: Mommy is 'My Princess'

It is supposed to be the moms who boast about their kids, but with Liv Tyler and her 3-year old son Milo, the compliments flow in the opposite direction.

"He likes to call me his princess," says Tyler, whose The Incredible Hulk and The Strangers both came out on DVD Tuesday. "He says, 'Oh, mommy, you're so cute. You're my precious, precious mommy.' "

The single mom, who split last spring from her rocker husband Royston Langdon, appreciates the positive affirmation – even if it comes at a price.

"He's at that age now where he's so sweet and so loving and says the sweetest things to me," the actress, 31, tells PEOPLE. "Of course I still get karate chops and all those sorts of things too."

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